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May 6, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, "midnight rising" which is about john brown and events that changed the course of american history forever. he worked for many years for "the wall street journal" and "the new york times." he's a swre, very dear friend. one of the things i want to tell you about tony, he really and truly has a notion we like the say that we put people in the boots of those that went before us in order for them to know as david mccullough told us years ago, those people who lived long you a go didn't know they were living long ago. tony one-ups it. not only do our programs try to put students and visitors and teachers into the boots of those long ago, tony wants to get not into their boots but into their minds. and he has done that every book he has written. we are here today. a conversation and then we are going to open the floor to your questions to this amazing man. because you are our friend we can say you are an amazing man. >> they say you can't go home. lived here for 13 years and it still feels like home. there are five people in the audience i still don't know. good to be back. >> we are not very f
May 21, 2012 3:00pm PDT
from a bridge. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight, we go inside the courtroom at today's sentencing and explore the issues in a case that captured national attention. >> ifill: then, we examine a lawsuit filed by catholic leaders, institutions and schools against the obama administration for mandating birth control coverage for employees. >> brown: from our american graduate series, paul solman reports on a move to keep kids in school by teaching skills both inside and outside the classroom. >> high school dropouts here in bloomington, illinois building low income houses like those very homes behind me. is this the way to get kids back to school and into the work force? >> ifill: judy woodruff assesses the nato summit, as world leaders agree to hand over security in afghanistan by the middle of next year. >> brown: and we remember powerful german baritone dietrich fischer-dieskau. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the at&t network-- a living, breath
May 9, 2012 3:00pm PDT
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: president obama today said definitively he now believes same-sex marriage should be legal. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the "newshour" tonight, we'll explore the president's evolution on the issue and talk about the debate going forward. >> brown: then, we turn to the political upset in indiana, where a tea party candidate toppled veteran senator richard lugar. >> ifill: we get new details about the would-be suicide bomber who was a double agent cooperating with the c.i.a. to foil an al-qaeda bomb plot. >> brown: from cambodia, fred de sam lazaro reports on one group's efforts to help homeless children have a brighter future. >> in make-shift gatherings like this one-part kindergarten part clinic, the children come to get cuts and scratches tended, to play board games or a rare luxury: to shampoo their hair. >> ifill: and ray suarez talks with steven lee myers of the new york times about the high-level, diplomatic drama that freed a chinese activist. >> brown: that's all ahe
May 7, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. tharp currently is a partner in the chicago office of mier brown, coleader of the security enforcement practice. born into a military family as the son of a lieutenant colonel in the marine corps. he attended duke university on an rotc scholarship, received his undergraduate degree suma cum laude and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the marine corps. jay tharp served active duty with the marines for six years, achieving the rank of captain earning the navy achievement medal and the navy midshipman's award. after his military service, mr. tharp attended northwestern university law school, serving on the law review. upon graduation, he clerked on the seventh circuit, then worked as an assistant u.s. attorney for six years in chicago. after his tenure as federal prosecutor, he joined mayor brown where his practice specializes in complex commercial litigation and criminal investigation. he has received numerous recognitions. he served as adjunct professor of trial advocacy at the northwestern university law school and serves as a member of the law fund board at northwestern which
May 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. scott brown and all of that in wisconsin is a clear example but just one of many. i think staying on that point and reminding people by race--they're being blinded by race, this disadvantage of white working class voters is going to be made much much worse if they vote mitt romney. >> you know, it's important to hear what they're saying and what they said in jefferson county, which goes to what you just said is this. if you listen to some of the residents of jefferson county, one of them said certain precincts in this county are not going to vote for obama. i'm not going to say it, but we all know why. there is that underlying reason why they're saying it. the update, because he's black. further than that, it's like, here i am, i'm black and i'm proud. black people voted him in, that's why he won. it was black ignorance. >> okay, i'm black and i'm proud. what is so stunning there, he was running from race the whole time because he knew full well not only of these constituencies but how uncomfortable people might feel. the idea that he's black and proud. we'll never have a second b
May 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
as willie brown. among suburban voters, we checked this out n.o.w., support for gay marriage is just about down the middle, almost even. a recent wall street journal poll shows 45% approve and 43% disapprove. that has completely narrowed from 2009 even. three years ago. that's less than a year ago when 37% approved of gay marriage and 54% disapproved. i'm not quite sure where we're headed so i'm going to go to our experts here. ron reagan, everybody in town here and everybody in the country, not just gay activists or gay people or liberal activists, seem to think that the president, even when he was senator of illinois, say he doesn't support gay marriage. should he just say it? >> yes, he should. this whole involving thing has really jumped the shark. he's taken more time evolving on this issue evolving from h. the problem is, you can make an argument. a little bit of hyperbole there but i thought i would add some color. we all agree he's making a political calculation, and we can argue whether that political calculation is correct or incorrect, but it's an obvious political calculation.
May 15, 2012 12:00am PDT
what he said about the $2 billion risky bet. >>> california governor, jerry brown wants to avoid massive cuts to education in public safety. the republicans are standing in his way. congressman john joins me later. >>> a new ad is hitting romney pretty hard. one of bain's victims is here tonight. >>> republicans are claiming the jpmorgan disaster was caused by too much regulation. we'll correct the rornd this show this evening. >>> governor's like chris christie are playing politics with people's lives when it comes to implements obama care. wendall potter is ahead on the latest republican obstruction. share your thoughts on twitter. we're coming right back. >>> welcome back. president obama is going after mitt romney where it counts. romney claims to be the job creator, so here is the obama campaign's ad about romney's experience at bain capital. >> they made as much money off of it as they could. they closed it down. they filed for bankruptcy without any concerns for the families of the community. >> like a vampire. they came in and sucked the life out of us. >> it was like wat
May 11, 2012 5:30pm PDT
those days, but this week when georgia republican congressman paul brown proposed an amendment to cut off funding for enforcement of part of the law, as you're about to see, it did not sit well with democrat john lewis, a legendary figure in the civil rights movement who marched with dr. martin luther king jr. >> it is hard and difficult and almost unbelievable that any member, but especially a member from the state of georgia, would come and offer such amendment. people died for the right to vote. friends of mine, colleagues of mine. >> i apologize to my dear friend from georgia, if he's gotten angry with this amendment, and it's never my intent to do so, and i'm going to ask unanimous consent to withdraw the amendment. >> congressman lewis, as you may know, was beaten to within an inch of his life in the civil rights struggle. congressman brown's amendment was criticized by a number of his colleagues, including fellow republicans. even those who want a debate over the voting rights act said a late night amendment to the spending bill was not a way to do it. >> late news from chicago
May 13, 2012 9:00pm CDT
, guaranteed. [ mocking tone ] i'm ms. brown. i'm soooo chocolatey. i'm giving away money to make people like me-eee -- is what he said. and i was like, "you watch your mouth. she's my friend." friend is a strong word. [ male announcer ] chocolate just got more irresistible. find the all brown bag and you could win! fault that it lost $2 billion last month in financial derivatives trading and three top executives are expected to lose their jobs. he said the bank reacted badly to warning flags to. media reports in april challenged the banks trades and he says execs got defensive about it. among the heads on the chopping block is i na drew >> yahoo chief executive has been replaced after apparently patting his academic credentials. the 54 year-old apologized to yahoo employees at the company's headquarters in email last week. he claimed to have degrees in accounting and computer science. but his college did not even begin offering a computer science degree until four years after he graduated. a yahoo ad executives is replacing him >> the hottest super hero team on the pla
May 23, 2012 9:00am EDT
a system to be able to track real-time jerry brown's speech. so when jerry brown had an appearance there would be someone from the whitman campaign with an iphone that could then was live streaming back to whitman campaign headquarters so that the communications team could be emailing reporters responses to the actual charges that jerry brown was making in real-time, and it was the first time they had been able to piece together something like that and now you're seeing campaigns at the state level doing that type of thing now. of course at the national level you have a live stream with television stations. but as to whether or not a campaign actually made the difference, you know, in kind of an unconventional way brian billbray a congressman in san francisco in 2006, a special the election, duke cunningham had been run out of town for good reason and that was a hotly contested seat and seen as a bellwether to see how the 2006 house congressional the elections would ultimately fare. unfortunately it was not the bellwether that the republicans had hoped. but the rnc were providing a
May 22, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the roll. quorum call: mr. brown: thank you. i ask unanimous consent to expense with the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: and i ask unanimous consent to address the house as if in morning business for no more than 10 minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. last week the vice president of the united states was in my state in ohio in the youngstown area in northeast ohio and he saw what i've been seeing in my state for the last several months and he heard what i've been hearing from so many ohioans in the last several months. he went to the lordstown auto assembly plant which makes the chevy cruze and he saw what we've been seeing in my state, where manufacturing finally is coming back. from 200 to 2010, from early 2000 to january 2010, the manufacturing sector in this country lost a huge number of jobs, more than 5 million jobs. now, the -- about the 35 years before that manufacturing jobs in this country were pretty constant. they were up and down, but in 1997 oar 1998, we had about the same number of ma
May 17, 2012 10:00am EDT
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May 22, 2012 12:00pm EDT
from massachusetts. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i also ask consent that my military fellow, major jay rose, be granted floor privileges for the duration of my remarks. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i rise to speak about an historic air is mean took place place -- ceremony that took place in boston harbor today, the birthplace of the american revolution. that event happened earlier this morning. and this morning, the united states navy named an ar lay burke class guided missile destroyer for retired united states navy captain thomas jerome hunter jr. of concord, massachusetts. the same money took place aboard the oldest commissioned ship -- warship in our united states navy, the u.s.s. constitution. as you know, mr. president, it is a distinct honor for any service member to have a navy vessel commissioned in his or her name. what made the event special today and extremely rare is that captain hudner is the navy's last living medal of honor recipient from the korean war. as the story you are about to hear shows, no one would b
May 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
down the path that around two to case the following year in which the remedy for brown is hashed out and specified that desegregation would precede a somewhat infamously said that paul delivers speed. that language was unfortunate in many ways because it allowed a lot of deliberation and not very much speed. but what it also meant is that thought the district court judges to decide whether it official desegregation plan full text that requirement. so the appointments he made to those benches who did a great deal today from work also were very important. he secured passage of the civil rights act in 1957, not terribly ambitious fact, that happened before since reconstruction therefore sort of laid the groundwork for the more important civil rights acts of the 1960s and then of course most famously he summoned the 101st airborne the same unit to soften the beaches at normandy to ask what the little rock nine into school in little rock when obstructing desegregation era. on the last episode in a funny way to one eisenhower gives the most credit for civil rights in order to always the on
May 29, 2012 9:00pm CDT
try to get home after the game not followed when the purple brown and red lights were shut down holding pattern during rush-hour >> we kept walking south the buses were full and we could see why everything is stopped down here. >> as you can imagine the fire is a total loss in business over 50 years mother pulls me told me nobody was hurt in the place ever but inside escaped injury no reports of firefighters either. nearby cars trapped local blocks around dick roy's furniture not a pretty seed a lot of people still waiting to get to their cars allowed to walk to their homes but that is it to transportation perspective el is just going by roy's furniture as we speak and read a purple and brown lines are back diversity stop traveling southbound on the brown line it bypassed right now everybody tomorrow morning look on line to make sure everything is back to normal these guys still working 5 1/2 hours later. >> we apologize work take the video. 10 people shot and killed almost 40 others were dead chicago mayor and top cop new crime fighting strategy called coordinated gang-reduc
May 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. stearns and the gentlewoman om -- the gentlewoman from florida, ms. brown, each will control 20 pins. the gentleman from florida. mr. stearns: i rise in strong support of h.r. 4201, a bill introduced by my good friend, mike turner, from ohio. as our nation's service members continue to endure long deployments oversea the service civil relief act is there to protect their interests at home. at its core, it ensures that service members have certain protections in the event that military service everything from mortgages to cell phone contracts, it simply fails to protect one uniform framework for protecting service members' rights under child custody actions by state courts. this bill would protect these rights by amended the scra to require that if a court gives temporary custody of a service member's child to someone else because of the service member's deployment, the service member has the opportunity to have the previous custody order reinstated upon their return. this would occur unless the court determines that such a move would not be in the best interest of the child. it would
May 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in a brown paper bag. a gentleman walked in, threw it down on the visitor center information desk, which just happened to be manned by the chief ranger at the time, george reeves. threw it down and said this thing's causing so much damage with my family, i'd just as soon be rid of it it's yours if you want. mr. george said he almost fell over in the chair when he realized what he had in the brown paper bag. the flag was in tatters. again, just like the pittsburg landing flag, new material is backed. the historic material. so there's a differentiation of it and it completes the flag. and you can see if you come up and examine it real close that much of the flag was missing when it arrived here. it also can probably, contained in these missing quadrants, other battle honors that the 51st tennessee would have participated in. the one that seems to have survived is the shiloh honor. early in the history of shiloh in, say,he first 50 years or so, histiography of the battle there was a question if the 51st participated. they were at donaldson, part of the unit were captured, some escaped. they were
May 25, 2012 9:00pm CDT
in his 20s with brown hair wearing black clothing another protester complained of injuries taken to hospital turned out not injured officer driving suffered a contusion tragedy along the lakefront first weekend of summer teenager drowns swimming off of beach north side father says dream lexie adu of becoming a doctor. divers found the body of oil a park beach swimming with two girlfriends ran into choppy water the others were rescued went under and disappeared. clock ticking in springfield lawmakers may 31st deadline but legislation in clinical hot-button issue of pension reform. retirement age will not be raised automatic cost of living increases if they want to stay on the state health insurance plan a little in- house $1 cigarette pack tax to help fund the medicaid $1.6 billion in cuts bill passed now moves to the senate democrats concept in recent years supported expected to generate $350 million joining us with the action chicago tribune political reporter rick pearson joining us via skype >> busy day in springfield the issue of unfunded liabilities right now lawmakers wait
May 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
news, city police say they have their craig's list robber in custody. investigators believe david brown was posting fake ads and luring people to the 2800 block of -- police say they arrested him using a public computer at a library. police say brown may have been trying to lure another victim when they found him. >> baltimore county police are investigating a sexual assault case in towson that happened before 4:30 thursday morning not far from towson university campus. investigators will not confirm whether that victim is a student. >> we're back in a minute with a check on the forecast with joor >> good morning. the subpoena is -- the sun is out in ocean city. a few more people down on the boardwalk. i would have thought, beautiful mourning that it is, there might have been more people out. the air temperature 63. there is a storm off the coast of the carolinas. it is a tropical storm at this point. some rain off to our northwest. a couple sprinkles and showers up in west virginia, a cold front out there. here's what that cold front p will look -- front will look like this afternoon a
May 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, conrad, johnson of south dakota, brown of ohio, cardin, whitehouse, kerry, akaka, and harkin. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent that the mandatory quorum under rule 22 be waived. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: madam president, this is the -- i have spoken before, madam president, abouts the importance of the f.d.a. bill, something we have to get done. literally, people's lives dpep depend on it. it addresses so many things with the f.d.a. to make it a better position. we have to get this done. as i've said before, if my republican colleagues don't like the bill, offer an amendment, offer an amendment to take that out, put something in, if you don't like it. but i would hope that we don't have to go through voting on cloture on monday night. we should be legislating this coming monday. so i am stunged that once again our motion to proceed when there's been an agreement that we would proceed to this with relevant amendments, which everybody says that that's what they want to do -- it's not germane amendments, which is very narrow;s it relevant amendments. it gives peopl
May 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
the chuck brown memorial service at noon on and at nbc washington nonstop. at nbc washington nonstop. cox [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> that's a terrifying moment caught on tape when an out-of-control truck smashed through the wall of a crowded bar. patrons were showered with debris. some of them pinned up against the bar. coming up, we'll talk to two men who were there, one who was working and narrowly escaped injury. the other who raced in and is being credited with saving some lives. just unbelievable video. >> people pinned underneath that truck for a time, and it's a pretty dramatic story. >> 7:30 now on a thursday morning, the last day of may, 20 2012. i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry. >> "today's professionals" who have a lot of hot topics including michael bloomberg's ambitious effort to fight obesi
May 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
a coincidence that it has turned out that way so far? joining us now is judith browne diana. he's a civil rights attorney and co-director of the advancement project. she represented the naacp in a 2000 lawsuit to remedy voting rights in florida. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me, rachel. >> you are much more deeply involved in the vagueries of florida voting law than i am. did i get anything wrong in the way i explained what's going on in florida now in terms of how you understand the facts? >> you got it right. >> okay. it's complicated and it's quickly changing and a lot of this stuff hasn't been debated. it seems to being done at the initiative of the florida governor. is the governor consulting with lawyers in order to -- is this the kind of thing that other states are doing? is this a standard process that florida's going through, or is this something unusual? >> well, i mean, it's florida taking out their old bag of tricks. and they have come up with a new list and the list is flawed. i mean, a 91-year-old world war ii veteran? i mean, come on. really, governor scott? this is
May 29, 2012 5:00am EDT
-go music. chuck brown. news4's megan mcgrath is live outside the howard theater now with more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. preparations for today's viewing are underway. you can see behind me here the howard theater is all lit up. the street in front has been closed down already. and we have crews who are putting metal bike racks in place that will help form the line when people begin to arrive later on this morning for the public viewing. now chuck brown had a very loyal following and continued to bring in the crowds until the very end. we are expecting a very large crowd here at the howard theater later on today. now the viewing is open to the public, it begins at 11:00 a.m., and will go until 10:00 tonight. as i mentioned, they've already blocked off t street in front of the howard theater, and more closures are going to come beginning at 9:30. let's take a look at some of those closures. now, t street is closed between 7th and florida avenue right now. at 9:30, that closure expands. t will be closed between 9th and florida. we're also going to see closure
FOX News
May 19, 2012 1:00pm PDT
targets included the mayoral's home and president obama's chicago campaign headquarters. steve brown is live in chicago with more. >> reporter: interestingly this is not a federal case. this will be very first illinois own terrorism laws. that will be what the charges are essentially are against the three individuals that were arrested. they are brian church, jarrod chase and brent -- they were picked up on the south side of chicago. they were picked up on wednesday night. we were there yesterday friday afternoon. still saw cops milling around and talking to folks in the neighborhood. a total of nine folks were arrested in one particular raid. the state's attorneys office said it was a targeted raid and had informants working with them. >> the individuals we have charged in this investigation are not peaceful protestors. they are domestic terrorists who came to chicago with an bent to harm our police officers, intimidate citizens and to go through with their politically motivated causes. >> reporter: recovered in the raid were molotov bomb making materials and number of different wea
May 9, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. in some weird twisted marty mcfly doc brown thing about marty, i have a new machine. they can see in our neighbor's houses to see whether or not they're having gay sex. take it easy, doc brown. >> no, marty. this gay marriage, we'll go back in time to stop gay people from ever being born. we'll go in front of abortion clinics and find out which babies will be gay! look, there's the miller family. they're about to have a daughter who will play softball and later on have her own radio show. we have to stop this birth marty. we gotta stop it. you see where i'm going with this? >> stephanie: this is not decaf coffee with carlos. >> people that are pro-life -- are you life or progay life. i haven't thought about that. they could be gay if you let them be born. i don't know. why are you confusing me? you're going into a planned parenthood. you want to be egged. if you're going into planned parenthood and you want to do whatever procedure just go in with a flannel shirt with your wife and say we're going to have this
May 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
. if the presidency ron portman's name on it. massachusetts senator, scott brown, is out with the first political ad against elizabeth warren. >> we can restore the american dream for all of us. >>. >> and the conservative job for growth, the group is out, this new attack ad with front-runner david and backing state police store and up next, the badger battle. we're taking a deep dive. wisconsin has it all this year. political junkie dream or nightmare. meet congresswoman tammy baldwin joins me next. >>> the lesson of lugar. the country's longest serving senators. 't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. get on e-trade. set up a real plan. frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retireme
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 161 (some duplicates have been removed)